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Fresh Seafood Delivery

Online Seafood Delivery Singapore. Fresh Seafood Supplier. Fresh Frozen Fish Prawns Salmon

Online Seafood Delivery

Fresh Seafood Delivery Singapore. Online Fresh Fish Delivery. Buy Seafood Online. Ocean Waves Seafood

Buy Seafood Online


Fresh Meat & Seafood Delivery in Singapore

Ocean Waves Seafood, located at Jurong Food Hub, is Singapore's leading fresh meat and seafood supplier, established since 1998... About Us

Fresh Seafood Delivery Singapore. Online Fresh Fish Delivery. Frozen Prawns. Buy Fresh Crab. Ocean Waves Seafood
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Buy Beef Chicken Pork Online. Frozen Meat Delivery Singapore
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Oceanwaves Seafood Supplier Singapore Whole Cod Fish Steak Cut Slicing Salmon Fillet Portion

Fresh / Frozen Meat & Seafood Supplier in Singapore

Wholesale Bulk Purchase

We have more than 400+ different food products in our cold store. They are not listed on this e-commerce store as they are sold by bulk purchases e.g. cartons.

Call +65 9652 7160 or Whatsapp to enquire or place an order. Let us know which F&B restaurant you're calling from.

We also provide meat / seafood processing services.

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Why Choose Us?

Premium Seafood Wholesale Jurong Singapore

Premium Quality Seafood at Wholesale Prices

Seafood arrives daily at Jurong Fishery Port where we only select the best to sell. Because we skip the middleman, we bring the savings to you.

Fresh Fish Fillet Fresh Seafood Cleaned Vacuum Pack

Clean & Vacuum Pack

All seafood are well taken care of with proper cleaning process from removing fish scales, guts, water clean and immediately proceed to vacuum pack to avoid contamination. 

IQF Individual Quick Frozen. Wild Caught Seafood Flash Frozen To Preserve Freshness Quality

Flash Freeze

In order to preserve the best freshness quality of all seafoods, managing with a proper temperature control is crucially important. All products will transfer to cold room immediately after vacuum packed.

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